I am a digital marketing enthusiast who is an engineer by degree. The engineer in me was always curious about how search engines worked, the more I learned about it more I got into digital marketing and that’s when I decided to pursue digital marketing than engineering.

As a digital marketing enthusiast, I have spent time learning about specific skills that would help me in the digital marketing journey.

1) Content writing
I have spent time writing content for the freelance work I did with labour law advisor YouTube channel.

2) Social media marketing
I have spent time posting content on Instagram and Facebook, and have also spent time experimenting with Facebook ads.

3) Search engine marketing
I have spent time learning about search engine optimization and have run ads on google ads

4) Lead generation
I have generated both B2B & B2C leads using various tools and I did land a freelance project using the B2B lead generation

I am still learning the aspects of digital marketing and have the juice to continue for the long term

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